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1988 Probat L12 Coffee Roaster

For Sale (this will be taken down when no longer for sale)

By owner of Jubilee Roasting Co.
The Probat for sale is an L12 and was manufactured in 1988. It is located in Denver Colorado. The Roaster is used and in very good condition and operates as it should. The L12 features a single drive motor and manual air-flow dampener.
1988 Probat L12 Coffee Roaster
Price: $24,500
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A brief history of this Roaster:
Sey Coffee out of Brooklyn New York bought it in 2012 from Butch Allen at Peace Love and Rocky Roast. Prior to selling the roaster to Sey Coffee, Butch had it rebuilt by Probat in 2011. Probat still rebuilt their machines themselves back then. That rebuild was overseen by Launtia Taylor at Probat's factory in Chicago. Various repairs and modifications have been done since then, including:
A gas flow meter installed (inches of water).
New main switch (load safety).
New continuous igniter.
Cropster RI Bridge installed.
Modified Watlow Controls to work with RI Bridge included.
Rewired drive motor.
Refinished stirrer drive shaft.
Descaled burners.
Replaced Drive belt.
Adjusted drive chain to correct length.
We (Jubilee) drove out to Brooklyn in 2017 to pick the roaster up
from Sey Coffee. After the drive across the country we
readjusted the drive chain length, readjusted the
frame tension, and worked through more electrical and
mechanical issues to make the machine really sing. It's
a simple machine that's easy to work on and easy to
find parts for. The vintage feel and interesting history
really make this Probat a special machine.
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