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Jubilee Roasting Co is a coffee roasting company, shop, and creative art space in Aurora, Colorado. With a focus on helping organic interactions flourish, the location on East Colfax is a perfect geographic bridge between the Aurora Art district and the Anschutz Medical Campus. 

Colombia Finca Los Mangos // A.C.S.


Colombia Finca Los Mangos // A.C.S.

bag shots-4.jpg
bag shots-4.jpg

Colombia Finca Los Mangos // A.C.S.


 We facilitate creativity, and part of that is getting to work in close quarters with some pretty amazing artists. This is our Artist Collaboration Series Coffee. We pick an insane micro lot coffee, and then collaborate with one of our in-house artists to showcase them and the coffee. This go around we got together with Lane Anne and she produced a beautiful abstract painting for a beautiful delicate Colombian coffee. We’re finding nuances of tropical fruit and caramelized sugars.

Check out Lanes Website for more beautiful art! // Lane Anne

Finca Los Mangos is a 2.5-hectare farm, 2 hectares of which are planted in coffee—10,000 trees, a mix of Colombia and Castillo cultivars. The cofee is picked ripe (purple cherries for the Castillo, and bright red Colombia cherries), depulped that same afternoon, and dry fermented for 18 hours. Then it is washed four times and laid out in parabolic dryers for 8–10 days, depending on the weather. Aracely focuses on quality, and describes herself as "very strict" about the picking: Only ripe cherries will do, and she is specific about the visual appearance of ripe Castillo versus ripe Colombia.

Origin // Colombia

Region // Voladero, Jambaló, Cauca

Farm // Finca Los Mangos

Variety // Castillo

Altitude // 1892 masl

Proc. Method // Washed


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